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Select your game from our range of murder/mysteries. You can choose from a number of themes ranging from fantasy and medieval through to the classic 1920's era and the modern day.


Download the complete game with instructions and suggestions on how to make the most of your theme. We include recipe suggestions, an ice-breaker game, and ideas on how to make your party as memorable as possible.


Invite your friends to enjoy an evening of suspense and intrigue. We provide invitations that can be sent out by post, or by email. If you order a printed version, then we also include envelopes.


Get into your assigned characters and enjoy yourselves trying to solve your chosen mystery. Each of you have secrets, but it's up to you to unravel the clues and solve the case. The complete solution is included for the end of the evening.

Who Stole Christmas?


A sack of letters has disappeared from the postmaster's office at the North Pole. One of the elves has apparently hidden, sold or destroyed the letters, but which one. Six elves, who are head of their departments, are brought in by Santa's wife, Mary Christmas, to solve the mystery and save Christmas.

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Look through our complete catalogue for murder/mystery games for you and your friends to enjoy. Just click on the catalogue symbol. Look below for some of our LATEST GAMES.

Death In The Deep

6-10 Players

A Shocking Review

8 Players

Lights, Camera, Mayhem

7 Players

Solve A Mystery

Can You Solve The Case?

Playing a murder/mystery party game is a great way to spend an evening. Find out what your friends are hiding. Find out who had the opportunity, means and motive. Find the Guilty Party!

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